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The plaque on the front of the Parallel Parking box states, "As we get older the first thing we lose is the ability to parallel park." Pie in th

Front view

Three-quarters front view of the Parallel Parking box from the left side. By Pie in the Kisser Studio.




Feel free to park anywhere.

Parallel Parking

The panel on the front of the Parallel Parking box lets us know what we can look forward to as we get older. I’m pretty sure scientific studies have proven the connection between aging and parallel parking problems. Keep this in mind as you crank the handle to move the red car back and forth in an attempt to park neatly between the other vehicles in this little street scene. A refresher course at the drivers’ ed school of your choice may be required.


This brightly-colored piece measures 12.25 inches across, 8 inches in height and 6 inches deep. The entire piece, including the gear mechanisms inside the box, is made of wood.


Status: This piece is available. The asking price is $395. Feel free to contact us for further details or to negotiate.

Three-quarters view from the left side

View of the back of the Parallel Parking box shows the No Parking stencil. By Pie in the Kisser Studio.

Back side

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